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Should I go to a lawyer, or do my will online?

Are online wills better or worse than going to the lawyers? What's the difference? We answer all that and more in this Article - read on to find out.

How to Draft Your Own Will - A Quick Guide

Drafting your own Will might sound difficult, but it really doesn’t have to be. We'll show you why there isn’t a reason you shouldn’t get started today!

Appointing a Guardian: Guardianship of Infants Act Singapore

As a parent, a constant source of worry would be what would happen to our children if we pass on unexpectedly. If the unexpected occurs, appointing a guardian may affect your child's future. Check out some tips on appointing a guardian under the Guardianship of Infants Act, Singapore.

Why Should Every Parent have a Will?

If you have children, the consequences of not having a will may be dire. If you are or know someone who is a single parent, divorced, currently married, or remarried, this article is for you as it sheds some light on how not having a will may affect whether and how your loved ones are provided for.

Mirror Wills - Why They May Be Right For You

What are mirror wills? Should I use them? This article explores everything you need to know about Mirror Wills.

Administrators and Executors: Who, What and Why?

Most people often worry about who will ensure that their estate is divided according to their wishes. This is where an executor or an administrator comes in. This article takes you through the differences between the two and their role in the administration of your estate.

Guide to Intestacy Law in Singapore with WillCraft

At some point, you might have wondered what happens to all your hard-earned money and other assets when you pass away. Who distributes your assets? What is distribution procedure under the Intestate Succession Act? Checkout the guide by WillCraft.

Partial Intestacy: Missing Assets In Your Will

What if some of my assets are not covered in my will? This situation is called “partial intestacy”. This article explains what is partial intestacy, why it should be avoided, and how to avoid it.

Review: WillCraft or OCBC Online Will Generator?

There are many online will writing services out there that offer an inexpensive and simple alternative to hiring a lawyer. This article helps you compare the two leading online will writing services: WillCraft and OCBC’s online will generator, to help you make an informed choice.

The Process of Probate

The process to obtain the authority to manage a deceased person’s estate is called probate. This article takes you through the steps you need to go through to take up the role of an executor or an administrator.

Estate Planners And Do I Need One?

Estate planning is essential for everyone whether you are rich or not, but it can be complicated to do it on your own. This article explains what estate planning is, its importance, who estate planners are and do you need them?

Why Should I Draft a Will?

Making a Will can and should be for everyone as it not only gives you full control over how your assets are distributed after your death, but also how your children are to be cared for should you pass on suddenly. What’s more, you can now draft a Will for less than $100 with WillCraft!

My HDB: Joint tenancy or Tenancy-in-common?

Should you hold your HDB or property in Joint Tenancy or Tenancy-in-Common? Which is better? This article takes you through both methods and will help you evaluate which of the two suits your needs

Will the Government Settle My Inheritance for Me?

Ask the average Singaporean if they have a Will and chances are, they'll tell you that they don't - because "the government will settle for them". We'll see how true this statement really is, and if we really can rely on the Intestate Succession Act (Cap. 147) to sort everything out for us.

4 Unexpected Consequences of Not Having a Will

Some take for granted that everything will be settled for them once they pass away - either by the government, or their loved ones. Well, here's 4 unexpected consequences of passing away without a Will that you probably don't know about.

I'm a nurse and I just drafted my Will - here's why

We interview a nurse working on the frontlines of COVID-19 on why she did her will at the peak of COVID-19.

Will and LPA Drafting Considered Essential Service

Will and LPA Drafting is considered an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. WillCraft will REMAIN OPEN for the time of the Circuit Break, and will offer DISCOUNTS to all frontline workers, and their families, and to persons over 65.

Wills & CPF - How does CPF fit in my Estate Plan

This article explains everything you need to know about Wills, Estate Planning and CPF. It handles all the commonly asked questions about CPF and Wills.

3 Things To Note When Doing Your Will Online

In this article we cover the 3 most important things to take note of when getting your Will done online.
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