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Having your will reviewed and witnessed by a lawyer has never been so easy! See how it works...
Alvin T'ngThu Mar 10 2022

Want to have your Will drafted by WillCraft reviewed and/or attested by a lawyer? Our team has worked incredibly hard and is proud to bring you our NEW Referral Service! ## How does it work? Once you finish drafting your Will using WillCraft, you will be given an option to have your Will reviewed and/or witnessed by lawyers! Simply select your preferred law firm and proceed to payment. Upon payment, the lawyers will contact you directly to arrange either a meeting or a call to review and/or witness your Will.

The Referral Service is incredibly affordable. The review is only $49 [1]! And if you also want to have lawyers witness your Will, it’s available too, at just $15 [2]!

"Just select and pay - it's that simple!" ## Why did we bring you this? ### Your peace of mind We totally understand that you want to make sure everything is alright with your Will. This is why we’ve partnered with law firms to make the process easy for you. ### Save you precious time Our interface saves you heaps of time! We understand that there's a ton of other things that you're rather be doing than to spend your free time off work to find and contact firms, so we simply did the work for you! ### Quality and at Amazing Price Point And, don’t worry about the quality - that’s what we care about the most as well! We only list the firms that we trust, that we believe would do a fantastic job for you. More importantly, we’ve got you a killer deal with these trustworthy partners: $79 [3] for a review plus 2 witnesses - possibly the most affordable service in the whole industry, without sacrificing the quality of course! "We understand what matters most - Convenience, affordability and amazing quality." ## Your money is helping us make a change By using WillCraft service and the lawyer’s interface, you are not only getting a great deal, you’re also supporting WillCraft and making a change to the legal industry.

If you feel that legal practice today is stuffy and non-transparent, we hear you! WillCraft is aimed at making quality legal services affordable, transparent and available to anyone that needs it.

Almost every cent you spend on us will be used to improve our services. We look forward to launching new features, to bringing down the costs and making legal services available to everyone. Your custom is helping us make a difference to the whole legal industry, and may even revolutionise it. But all that is impossible without your support! > "Your support is much appreciated - it might even revolutionise the legal industry!" Still hesitating? Just try it out today - it's free!

[1] This excludes GST and third party transaction costs. [2] This excludes GST and third party transaction costs. [3] This excludes GST and third party transaction costs.

Alvin T'ng
Alvin is the Founder of https://willcraftnow.com. An online service that offers Will and LPA Writing starting from $49. Before he founded WillCraft, he was specialised in Tax, Private Wealth and Estate Planning at one of the the Big Four Law Firms in Singapore. He has since been featured on multiple national platofmrs, including MoneyFM, LianHeWanBao and Channel News Asia.
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