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Our platform provides you with the necessary information, and guides you through the legal process so you can focus on the decisions that matter.

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We work with lawyers, seamlessly.

WillCraft works with a panel of law firms to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

All legal documents generated are compliant with all legally required formalities, upon proper execution.


Get exactly what you need, without the fuss.

Our powerful customisation engine generates the required legal documents and hands them off to the lawyer, saving you time, and money.


Know that your Data is safe.

We use only the best in market. All your data is kept secure with the Amazon S3 platform.

To find out more about Amazon Cloud Servers, check here, or see our FAQs.

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WillCraft is set up by ex-lawyers who don't think Personal Legal Services should cost half as much as they do.

So we've priced our service at a fraction of what going to a traditional law firm would normally cost.

If you like what we're doing (or not), let us know - we're always looking to improve!

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