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Being online allows us to pass significant cost savings down to you and allows you to handle your affairs efficiently from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Seamless & Easy to Use
We've simplified everything.
We hate legal jargon. Our platform provides you with all the necessary information, and guides you through the process in plain english.
Powerful Customisations, Easily
Exactly what you need, hassle free.
We made our platform entirely customisable to your needs. It's convenient, and not less powerful.
100% Legally Compliant
Lawyers included, affordably.
We understand that you feel safer with a lawyer, so we curated our own panel of law firms to give you the best experience, at the best price possible.
Convenient & Accessible
No more taking time off work.
Having to make multiple visits to a lawyer is annoying. Get everything done, anytime you wish, from the comfort of your own home.
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It's not cheap, it's value.

Just like calling up your lawyer, but without the hefty legal bill.

Instead of having lawyers draft each and every document individually (which is really expensive!), we have digitised and automated the process for you, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

sell Up to 70% more affordable.
Compared to traditional law firms, our prices are up to 70% cheaper, including lawyer reviews!
acute Up to 90% faster.
Traditional Law Firms usually require multiple visits. Our services typically take less than an hour.
draw Less Re-Drafts.
By automating the process and having lawyers review it, we reduce up to 90% of mistakes.

How To Get Started

Just like going to a law firm, but easier, more affordable, and at home.

check Register or Login.
Enter our interface by registering or logging-in. Using the interface is free, no credit-card required.
check Information Collection.
We'll walk you through a set of questions to gather the necessary information.
check Stop at anytime.
Rest assured, we’ll assist you every step of the way with hints and tips. Stop and return later, we’ll remember where you left off.
check Make Payment.
We’ll automatically calculate the lowest option for you. Payment is made by credit card
check Deliverables sent immediately.
Once you are done, the necessary documents will be immediately available in the interface, and instructions guiding you on how to execute those documents will be sent to you via encrypted email, ensuring your privacy.
check Completion.
If you have requested for a lawyer from our panel, the lawyer will reach out to you and make an appointment after reviewing all the necessary documents.
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The platform is so user-friendly that even a complete novice like me was able to navigate it effortlessly. What really impressed me was the speed - within minutes, I had a legally binding will ready to go.

Mdm. Foo
Transparent Pricing

Simple no-tricks pricing

No hourly rates - Pay for only what you need with our transparent pricing.

Last Will & Testament

A legal document that communicates your final wishes pertaining to your assets and burial


  • One Executor
  • One Allocation
  • Two Witnesses


  • Additional Allocations ($15)
  • Substitute Allocations ($15)
  • Additional Executors ($15)
  • Substitute Executors ($15)
  • Testamentary Guardians ($15)
  • Substitute Testamentary Guardians ($15)
  • Lawyer Review & Witness ($79)

Lasting Power Of Attorney

A legal document appointing selected persons to make decisions and act on your behalf if you loses mental capacity.


  • Lawyer Review & Certificate Issuer

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question or can’t find the answer you’re looking for?
Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I get Started?

Simply create an account, and follow our step-by-step process to generate the required legal documents.

We've designed the process to be as user friendly as possible - all the information you need to complete the legal document is provided in the interface.

What if I make a mistake during the process?

Our platform includes built-in error checking to ensure that you do not make any mistakes that might void your legal document.

If you've already completed your order, you can rely on our 7 day free edit period, and just edit your document direcly in the interface and your document will be updated immediately.

How are your drafting services so cheap?

The most expensive part of legal services are lawyers.

To bring down the costs, instead of having lawyers manually draft each document, we've automated and streamlined the process so that they only engage in necessary reviews.

This lowers lawyer hours, and eliminates costly overheads associated with traditional law firms.

Are the documents drafted on WillCraft legally valid?

The documents generated are 100% formally valid.

We're owned by a law firm, and have lawyers on hand to review your document if you choose - simply select a time-slot in the interface to schedule a review.

Articles & Resources

Not yet ready to start? We've curated a list of free resources that you might find helpful.

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Administrators and Executors: Who, What and Why?

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