I'm a nurse and I just drafted my Will - here's why

We interview a nurse working on the frontlines of COVID-19 on why she did her will at the peak of COVID-19.
Alvin T'ngThu Aug 05 2021

Recently we had a client that was single and really young. We thought it was really interesting that she was doing her Will do young, so we decided to interview her and see what motivated her. Here's how the interview went.

PS: We've removed names to protect her privacy. Parts of the interview was paraphrased to keep the length short.

You're single and still in your 20s, why did you think of doing your Will?

Currently I'm living away from my family, and I worry about my family if something does happen to me. I mean, I have my partner here, but I still really have to rely on myself to make plans for my loved ones - so with a Will if something happens to me then I'll have that security that they'll be taken care of.

As a person that's only starting her career, I may not have much, but I think that whatever little I have also may go a long way for my family, and I want them to have it. Also I remember reading an article, on WillCraft's website I think, that if you pass away without a Will, your loved ones would have to pay higher legal fees for the court processes that take place after your death, so I guess writing a Will can save my loved ones money too.

So really its about providing your family because you’re saying alone here. Are there any other reasons?

I think most people don't think about such things until it's too late, or they put it off thinking that nothing will happen to them. When the time comes, they may not be in a state where they still can make plans.

For me, I’m currently a nurse and I guess i'd be considered a frontline worker. With the current COVID situation, I started to really think about what would happen if something happens to me. Of course, since i'm on the frontline, there's have a higher chance of something happening. Hopefully not, but it makes you think more of what should be done, if something happens. So I think that I felt the urgency of having something like this, or the importance of something like this.

How does the COVID situation affect how you think about death, and how your loved ones may be affected by it?

It has affected me greatly, for me as single person my goal has always been to be like save up for my future. But if I go away, or if something happens to me then obviously I would want all my hard earned savings to go to my loved ones.

The COVID situation made me see that life is really unpredictable, and that has made me realise that it’s important to plan for such situations now, that you have a chance to, rather than wait until you get to a point where you don’t get a chance anymore.

There are may options out there include going to the lawyers, why did you chose WillCraft specifically?

I'm in the medical field, so obviously I don't know much about how to do a Will, but just reading through the WillCraft website made it easier to understand everything because it was simplified and everything was explained in a simplified form.

Also it was very affordable. Because when you think of a will, you think of lawyers and everything and you think of the additional cost. For me for someone who is still trying to save up, even if I wanted to plan forward for the sake of my family, if I think of all the costs of the lawyer and everything else. WillCraft is super affordable, when I compared to going to a lawyers, I realised that I could save around $400 by going to WillCraft. I also read online that the founder of WillCraft used to be a lawyer, that really helped!

If you don’t know anything about wills, law or whatever, it was very easy. I mean when started researching on the internet, everything was really confusing and I thought I may need someone else’s help to understand things, but after I logged in and tried out the system, I realised that actually it was really simple for me.

How did you learn about WillCraft, and how did you find WillCraft?

I think I saw it on Facebook, I remember, for the longest time I didn’t pay attention because for me as a person who’s only just started my career, I don’t have anything but my pay, but with the situation you think about the options in case anything goes wrong.

These things, you may think they were unimportant, but now that’s there’s an urgency, you really think about it. So I started looking into it, and remembered WillCraft, so I gave it a try since using the interface was free, and I found that it was easy. So that’s when I went into it.

Was it really so easy? Were there any other parts of the drafting process that you wanna mention?

Yes, it was extremely easy.

When I started researching, I thought I was going to spend like hours on it to try and understand everything. But once I did the login, and read through, I didn’t have any difficulties understanding.

Obviously there were some terms that I was like "what does this mean", but provides little tips in the interface that explains those things. So when you go through the site, you really don't feel like you don't know anything, you feel like you understand everything already. That’s what I like about it.

Also, at the end, I saw the cost. I was so affordable, I wouldn’t think twice about the amount if it would provide security for my family. At the end that was the best part of it.

I guess it’s easy to say nice things about the service, was there anything that you didn’t really like, or things that you found to be difficult that you thought could be improved on?

Just the part where I had to edit, because I forgot some details about one of the beneficiaries, When I tried to go back, it wasn’t letting me refresh. So I clicked on the little contact us button on the site, and got them on WhatsApp. They replied at 10pm at night!

It turns out that it was just a little issue with the internet, and I just had to wait for a minute, and it refreshed on its own, so that was fine.

How did you feel after finishing the Will?

Definitely I felt relieved. After I was sent the confirmation and the will itself I also said jokingly to my boyfriend, like 'great, I can get sick without any worry'!. Obviously I didn’t want to get sick, But certainly there’s a psychological sense when you finish it and receive it and you read what you’ve done, you feel relief. You definitely know you’ve done something good and you’re comforted knowing that if something happens in the future that its going to be okay.

On the scale of 1-10 how likely are you to recommend doing a Will with WillCraft to a friend or family member?

For me its 10! Because from my experience, I know that everyone else is feeling the same way, and if I can help them have at least have some sense of security, i'll definitely recommend it.

I’m not selling it to them, I’d just tell them my experience, and from what I felt during the process and after. Its also completely hassle free, and you don’t need to spend so much money on it, and you have that sense of security where you’re done something to protect yourself and your family int he future. Even if there’s that virus and everything you’ll have this.

Definitely I’ll recommend it to people I know.

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